Staff List

Mrs A M Cheadle

Mr A Leivers

Executive Head Teacher

Head of School

Mrs C Dawes

Miss F Cann

Deputy HT

Assistant HT

Ms N Kouser Finance Manager
Mrs J Edwards Head Teacher’s PA
Mrs M Cooper



Mr I Johnson

Administration Assistant


Site Manager

Teaching Staff
Miss J Bodington/Mrs H Blewitt Nursery HB
Miss C Fletcher Nursery F
Miss A Watton Reception W
Mrs N Upadhey Reception U
 Miss C Edis  Year 1 E
Miss S Cotterill Year 1 C
Mrs M Savory Year 2 S
Miss M Millership Year 2 M
Miss G Obertelli/ Mrs J Evans Year 3
Ms A Kaur Year 4
Miss A Potgeiter/Mrs A Standen Year 5
Mrs C Dawes/Miss F Cann Year 6 KS2/Maths Leader
Support Staff
Ms L Rochelle

Mrs S Hammonds

Attendance Officer

Pastoral Support

Mrs J Craddock Nursery HB
Miss S Birch Nursery F
Mrs D Peach Reception W
Mrs A Clark Reception U
 Mrs P Scott  Year 1 E & 1 C
Mrs S Hill Year 2 S & 2 M
Mr A McCallum Year 4
Mrs C Rogan Year 4 (1:1)
Mrs N Ebbans Year 5 (1:1)
Mrs J Robinson Year 6
 Miss E Merritt Speech and Language Therapist
Lunchtime staff
Mrs W Roberts Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms L Porter Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Barnes Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms S O’Hara Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Griffiths Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Harper Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr D Kenderdine Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Reynolds Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms L Rochelle Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Aston Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Griffiths Lunchtime Supervisor
 Mrs S Proud

Mrs P Webster/Mrs D Jones/Mrs J Wain-Doughty

 Catering Manager



Catering Staff