Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is a very important year for the children because they are now embarking upon their

journey through Key Stage 2 at Rivers. However, the 30 children that are in year 3 have all

settled in perfectly and have made a fabulous start. We have some extremely hardworking

children in year 3 and they work alongside three committed and determined members of staff:

Miss Brough, Mrs Hill and Miss Webb. The first term in year 3 the children will be basing their

learning around their topic of Inventions This will be where the children look at how inventions

have had an impact on the world as well as designing their own, new invention. During the spring

term we will be learning about ‘Shaping Up’ – keeping healthy and the importance of fitness. This

will allow us to embark upon a journey of discovery about our bodies and how we can look after

them. In the Summer term, we will be focusing all of our work on the topic of Water and its

journey through the Water Cycle.

The literature that we will be focusing on this term in English will be ‘The Iron Giant’, where we

will follow the life of a young boy who finds a robot! This will be followed in the Spring term by

‘Wasim and The Champ’ and finally in the Summer term, ‘Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears’. We

have a lot of work to do in Literacy including a lot of writing of different genres. We will look at

writing a newspaper article; as well as many letters and diary entries. We will also be looking at

story writing and hopefully we will get the chance to write and ‘publish’ our own book at the end

of the year.

During Maths we will be focusing on the calculations policy looking at written and mental

methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as shape and space,

problem solving, money and data handling. We will also be developing out arithmetic skills.

During Science we will be focusing on inventions, keeping healthy and the water cycle. The

children will be having lots of fun in our science lessons looking at how inventions have changed

the world and who made such fabulous inventions like the Telephone. We will also be looking at

how a healthy diet is managed and sustained and also how important it is to keep fit.

We are also trying out new things in our ICT lessons and learning lots of new things about

Computing. Exciting and challenging times are ahead!

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