Welcome to Year 6


At Rivers Primary Academy we have high standards for all our children, our 27 Year 6 children

play a key role in setting those high standards and modelling good behaviour.   Year 6 is full of

responsible and caring young people who take on additional responsibilities within school,

including; house captains and assembly monitors.   They help to implement the school behaviour

policy by analysing which classes have been “Good to be Green” all week and organising prizes.

We aim to prepare our children for secondary school, and so throughout their time in Year 6, the

children are given more responsibilities, and are given more opportunities to be independent. Our

children are an asset to the school.

Year 6 is a busy year in any primary school, and here at Rivers Primary Academy we are no

exception. The children take leading roles in school productions, organise their leaver’s trip and

party and of course, prepare for their SATs in May.

In the Autumn Term the children are studying the book “War Horse”. Using this fantastic text as a

stimulus, the children will read and write many different text genres and investigate sophisticated

Grammar and Punctuation techniques. Our Year 6 are able to tell you the difference between

prepositional phases and adverbial phrases, and can use them with effect! All the children have

also had the wonderful opportunity to see the stage production of War Horse on stage in London.

World War One will also for part of our topic lessons.

In Maths, we follow our Calculation Policy, this ensures that our children are able to complete

long multiplication and long division calculations to a very high standard. This is more important

than ever this year as for the first time Year 6 will be taking an arithmetic test as part of their


We have high expectations of our children, and Year 6 take part in booster lessons to help them

achieve their full potential.

With their hard work and determination, we are sure that this Year 6 class will succeed.

Take a look at our blog to see what we have been learning.