Staff List 2019/20

Leadership Team 
Headteacher: Mrs L Wright
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C Dawes (DSL)
Deputy Headteacher: Miss F Cann 
Temporary Assistant Headteacher – Ms R Anderson
SENCO: Mrs M Savory 
EYFS Lead: Mrs N Upadhey
KS1 Lead: Miss L Evans 
KS2 Lead: Mr A Sanders 
Teaching Staff
Nursery (Penguin) : Mrs J Andrews / Miss C Fletcher 
Reception (Ganges): Mr A Heighway
Reception (Nile): Mrs N Upadhey 
Year I (Trent): Miss C Edis 
Year I (Avon): Miss A Watton and Miss Parsons
Year II (Thames): Miss M Millership 
Year II (Severn):  Miss L Evans
Year III (Clyde): Miss S Cotterill 
Year III (Foyle): Mr N Gilmour
Year IV (Hvita): Miss R Griffiths
Year IV (Tiber): Miss L Holland
Year V (Fuji): Mrs A Kaur 
Year VI (Amazon): Mr A Sanders/Miss Ravat
PE Teacher: Mr J Perrin
Support Staff 
TA: Miss S Birch
TA: Mrs A Clarke
TA: Mrs S Hill
TA: Mrs P Scott
TA: Mrs S Nugent
1 – 1 Support: Miss L Bowyer
HLTA: Mrs Z Garland
Pastoral Team 
Safeguarding Officer – Mrs J Gamwell
Family Support Worker and Pastoral Lead – Mrs K Moorhouse
Learning Mentor: Mrs G Lewis 
Pastoral Support Assistant – Miss L Rochelle
Operational Staff 
Headteacher’s PA and HR: Miss D Westwood
School Administrator: Mrs M Cooper
Receptionist/School Administrator: Mrs C Smith 
Finance Manager: Mrs N Kouser
Site Manager: Mr J Martin
Lunchtime Supervisors/Catering Staff 
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs W Roberts
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Ms L Rochelle
Lunchtime Supervisor: Ms L Porter
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs J Barnes
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs R Griffiths
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs R Reynolds
Lunchtime Supervisor: Ms D Murrell
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs J Sherwin
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs R Gamble
Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss L Webb
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs M Cooper
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs L Cyster 
Catering Manager: Mrs J Wain-Doughty
Deputy Catering Manager: Mrs D Jones
Catering staff: Mrs P Webster
Catering staff: Mrs L Clears
Breakfast Club: Mrs M Ellis