Accessibility Policy – (WAT)

Admissions Policy – Determined Admission Arrangements 2020-2021

Allegations of Abuse Policy (WAT)

Anti Bullying Policy

Appraisal Policy (WAT)

Data Protection Policy ( for Staff)(WAT)

Data Breach Policy (WAT)

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Capability Policy (WAT)

Charging and Remission Policy (WAT)

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy (WAT)

Complaints Policy  (WAT)

Complaints procedure

Computing Policy

Confidential Reporting Policy (WAT)

Curriculum Policy

Data Breach Policy (WAT)

Data Protection Policy (WAT)

Design & TechnologyDetermination of admission arrangements 2019-2020

Disability, Equality and Accessibility Plan

Discretionary Leave of Absence

Disciplinary Procedure (staff)

EAL Policy

Early Help Policy and procedure

Educational Visits Policy (WAT)

English Policy – Reading

English Policy – Writing

Equality Policy (WAT)

E-Safety Primary (WAT)

EYFS Policy

Financial Policy Manual (WAT)

First Aid Policy

Flexible Working Policy (WAT)

Freedom of Information Policy (WAT)

Geography Policy

Grievance Policy (WAT)

Health and Safety Policy (WAT)

History Policy

Homework Policy

IDRP Policy (WAT)

Induction Policy

Information and Records Retention Policy

Information Security and Acceptable Use Policy (WAT)

Intimate Care Policy

Lettings Policy (WAT)

LGPS Policy (WAT) IDRP Policy Maternity and Adoption Policy Pay Policy

Local Offer

Medication in Schools Policy

Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy (WAT)

Mobile Phone Policy

Music Policy

Outdoor Learning Policy

Paternity Leave Policy (WAT)

Pay Policy (WAT) 

PSHE Policy

Phonics Policy

Positive Safe Handling Policy

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Privacy Notice for Parents/Carers

Privacy Notice for younger pupils

Recruitment and Reference Policy (WAT)

Recruitment and Selection Policy (WAT)

Restructure and Redundancy Policy (WAT)

Scheme of Delegation (WAT)

SEND Information Report

SEND Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Shared Parental Leave (WAT)

Sickness Absence Policy (WAT)

Social Media policy 

Staff Code of Conduct (WAT)


Support Staff Probation Policy (WAT)

Unexpected School Closure Procedure

Volunteers In School Policy