Year IV (Hvita)

Home schooling – 29 June 2020

Home schooling – 22 June 2020

Eloane’s attempt at following a tutorial to draw a Roman soldier.

Elena’s attempts at adding quarters and halves on Carol Vorderman’s maths factor

Elena completing extra work at home. 

Home schooling – 8 June 2020

Elena with a flapjack that she had made

Home schooling – w/c 18 May 2020

Andreea’s Geography work
Bella’s funny cactus artwork
Demi’s artwork
Billy’s artwork
Elena’s been growing vegetables, making family paper people and writing a story:
making family paper people and writing a story:

Home schooling – w/c 11 May 2020

Home schooling – w/c 4 May 2020

Demi made a food chain for Science and followed a tutorial for Art to make a pop art picture

Left: Aqram has made this at home this week.

Right: This is Elena’s conversation between Mufasa and Simba using inverted commas.


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Multiplication Test

Multiplication Test