Head Boy

As head boy, I would like to make every pupil feel that they can have a smile on their face and I value our school motto- a special place to learn and thrive. I will encourage the use of kind hands and feet and ensure that everyone has someone to play with. I would like every student to display the ASPIRE values, in particular Active in our learning.

I am looking forwards to the year ahead and proving to everyone the difference I can make as head boy.

Head Girl

I am grateful for the opportunity to be head girl and I am excited about the forthcoming year. Firstly, I would like to show everyone what I am made of and represent the school. I want to do all I can to help and be a role model for all. I believe that every child should have at least one friend in school and that is one of my many aims for this year. In addition, I want to ensure that my fellow peers follow our school rules- ready, respectful and safe.

As head girl, I want to make sure everyone has an amazing time at Rivers, just like me.

Student Senate

As members of the Student Senate we lead on new initiatives in our school. Some of our role includes being able to generate ideas to make our school even better, conduct learning walks to see the children in lesson time and working towards wider goals in school. We ensure that the ASPIRE values are clearly embedded in school life and this year we are working with the Building Squad on projects regarding our new school. We look forwards to fulfilling our role.