Our Ethos and Values

‘Reach to Achieve’

School Ethos

At Rivers Primary Academy we believe that our school should be a warm and welcoming place and that the environment in which the children work should be happy, secure and stimulating.

It is important that all children are valued highly and equally and that there should be equality of opportunity for all. We consider that school should actively promote children’s self-esteem and develop their skills of independence, self-reliance and initiative. Children have the right to develop the full range of their abilities and we recognise the value of extra-curricular activities in a child’s personal development.

We are committed to the belief that school can affect and improve the behaviour and work of children and so improve their chances in life. We seek to actively promote a culture of high expectation in our school.

We consider that education should be a partnership between the child, home and school and the development of high quality home-school links is a key priority.

We are committed to developing links both within the community and within the Trust. We will endeavour to develop strong links with our sister school, Goldsmith Primary Academy.  

School Aims

At Rivers Primary Academy we aim to:

  • Create a happy, safe, friendly, caring and welcoming school that provides for the needs of all our pupils and parents.
  • Provide a curriculum, which is enjoyable, enriching and matched to the ability of our children enabling them to fulfil their potential. It will also promote the importance of basic

    skills and life-long learning.

  •  Foster a school ethos which safeguards the physical, emotional and psychological

well-being of all members of our school community.

  • Prepare our pupils for their future place in the community as responsible and caring citizens.
  •  Nurture values that are morally, spiritually and culturally appropriate which empower the
  • Pupils to make positive choices in their lives.