Here is some feedback from the ‘Share your ideas in the Early Years’ session we held:

Did you find this session useful?

“Yes, thank you so much for organising!”

“Incredibly, thank you very much”

“Very useful, I have taken a lot away with me”

What did you find most useful about this session?

“The opportunity to come together, talk and share ideas (and of course, magpie yours from Rivers)”

“How to get boys writing and make it exciting for everyone”

“The ideas and visual resources of the host”

“Lots of lovely ideas for writing that I want to try. I particularly like the ‘I Wonder’ bags.”

What did you aim to achieve by the end of this session? Did you achieve this?

“Ideas for writing, yes I got lots of ideas”

“To gain new ideas, yes I got them”

“I wanted to get more ideas of how to get children writing independently, yes I got these”

Ideas in the Early Years





Here is some feedback we had from our questioning workshop:

What did you find useful?

“The bank of ideas for early years too”

“The ideas that were given for children to speak and answer in full sentences”

The fantastic ideas that were suggested for us to use in our setting – basket ball plenary, pass the parcel etc”

“The resource box for Bloom’s Taxonomy”

Do you think that you will be able to apply any of our strategies or suggestions in your school?

“Yes, I liked a lot of the ideas that were given”

“Yes 100%, thank you Rivers”

“Yes, I will use the sentence starters”

“Yes, and I will take it back and share everything with my school”

Were the presenters prepared and organised?

Yes, they were excellent”

“Yes, they were very engaging”

“Yes, very passionate”

Questioning at Rivers